We are a quality service provider for the mining, resources and supply sector in Western Australia

Bridging the gap for local employment opportunities through the mining, resources and supply sector.

White Springs is an Aboriginal owned and managed civil, utilities and mining services company, established in early 2014. At the core of White Springs, we desire to bridge the gap and to streamline ongoing relationships by opening the door for meaningful employment and training.

We deliver superior workmanship to our clients while simultaneously enhancing the sector, by providing opportunities for the Aboriginal community. White Springs is committed to dissolving cultural barriers and delivering quality results. We work to strengthen the mining and supply sector with a carefully curated workforce who hold a diverse skillset. 

White Springs has the required skills and knowledge to execute quality projects across multiple industry sectors. Continue Scrolling to see our capabilities.

We are dedicated to providing and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial working relationships between Traditional Owners and major mining, resources and supply companies across Western Australia.


Servicing greater WA through mining, earthworks, roadworks and miscellaneous services.


We are a major supplier of quarry products and materials, equipping our clients with the resources to perform.


Our specialist operatives are rigorously trained to remove asbestos correctly.


We are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of demolition.

Providing long-term meaningful employment, training and relationships

Let us bridge the gap. Get in touch today, view our current vacancies and see how you can get involved.