About White Springs

White Springs is a one hundred percent Aboriginal owned and managed civil, utilities and mining Services company. Established in early 2014, it was a venture initiated by Banjima Traditional Owner Paula White and Nyiyaparli Traditional Owner Stewart Drage.

We are a quality service provider in the mining and resources sector that is committed to delivering superior workmanship to our clients, while providing meaningful employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. At White Springs, we balance specialised skills with the work ethic required for long lasting relationships. We take pride in forming and managing ongoing strategic alliances and operating a highly skilled and professional team who strive for excellence.

Our Six Guiding Principles are as follows:

  • Safety: We need all our staff and sub-contractors to go home to family at the end of each shift
  • Teamwork: The team is stronger than the individual
  • Respect: Each individual has a role to play – respect it
  • Go & See – If there is an issue – YOU go and look at it
  • Challenge – If you can’t justify why it is as it is – don’t accept it
  • Continuous Improvement – Simple Quick Effective
  • Health & Wellness – Creating Life Balance

Our Values

Health & Safety

We are strongly committed to safety and adhering to best practice principles. As experienced operators in the mining and resources sector, White Springs is fully committed to ensuring the maintenance of zero-harm, health and safety in the workplace.

This is developed and promoted through training of all employees and a proactive attitude toward establishing and keeping up to date with industry advancements.

Aboriginal Development

We are a 100% owned, managed and operated Aboriginal company who strive to dissolve cultural barriers. We provide long term meaningful employment, training and support services for Aboriginal people living in the Pilbara and in doing so, bridge the gap in the workforce. We believe that by providing career development, we establish an ongoing cohesive working environment.

Relationships & Partners

At White Springs, we identify opportunities for valued partnerships and relationships with all levels of business and government. We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial working relationships across the mining and resource sector and throughout Aboriginal communities. Subsequently, we have alliance arrangements with reputable and reliable operators to provide quality services. We also provide opportunities to engage with other Indigenous businesses and communities by linking Banjima and Nyiyaparli enterprises.

Environmental & Cultural Respect

It is imperative to the very fabric of our operations that we pay our respects to the Traditional Owners through each and every element of our services. We also ensure respect to country by protecting the environment and nurturing natural resources. White Springs possess extensive knowledge of the Pilbara and wider WA and therefore, strive to minimise environmental impact associated with the work being undertaken.